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  • Gough Whitlam: introduces Medicare, allowing free access to healthcare for everyone
  • tone abet: wants to introduce $7 copayment to every GP visit
  • Gough: gives us our first advisor for women's issues
  • tone: supposedly is the minister for women, still not sure he realises they're human too
  • Gough: pulls troops out of Vietnam
  • tone: wants to send asylum seekers there
  • Gough: introduces free tertiary education
  • tone: wants to deregulate university fees
  • Gough: gets rid of the OBE and knighthoods, introduces the OA
  • tone: brings back knighthoods.
  • Gough: replaces God Save the Queen with Advance Australia Fair as our national anthem
  • tone: loudly ignores the line "for those who've come across the sea/we've boundless plains to share"
  • Gough: one of the finest PM's this nation has ever had
  • tone: wrong lizard. Possibly a dinosaur based on how outdated views are.

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I don’t have to be vapid to be care about my physical appearance.
I don’t have to not believe in men’s rights to believe in woman’s.
I don’t have to be serious constantly to be able to have a valid opinion.
I don’t have to be bigoted to have beliefs.
I don’t have to choose between Marsha Brady or Christy Mack.
I don’t have to choose between accepting others or creating my own definition of right & wrong.
I don’t have choose to be empathetic or sympathetic.
I don’t have to agree to respect.
I don’t have to be only strong or weak.
I don’t have to agree with your opinion to hear it with open ears & mind.

I don’t have to fit into anyone’s idealizations other than my own.

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